Geoff Palmer - Pulling Out All The Stops (LP) (PRE-ORDER)
Stardumb Records

Geoff Palmer - Pulling Out All The Stops (LP) (PRE-ORDER)

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Complete orders including this album ship late May. Both The Machine Shop (US) and Stardumb (Europe) will raffle a test pressing among the pre-orders.

The CD version is available from Rum Bar Records.

Available on black vinyl as well as solid red vinyl.


Side A: 
1. This One’s Gonna Be Hot
2. Cha-Ching
3. I Like Murder Too
4. Giving In
5. Got The Skinny
6. We Can’t Do It
7. Everything Is Cool

Side B:
1. All The Hits
2. Velcro Shoes
3. Walk Through
4. Paper Heart
5. Donut
6. Speed
7. Make It

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