Local Drags - Keep Me Glued (LP)
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Local Drags - Keep Me Glued (LP)

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Also available from The Machine Shop (USA), Brassneck Records (UK), and Endless Detention Records (Australia).

America's least known power pop sensation Local Drags is back with its sophomore effort! Get ready for ten new gems which bring to mind garage-esque indie rock in the Replacements, Gin Blossoms, or Teenage Fanclub veins filtered through Dirtnap-style American power pop/punk.

Available on black vinyl as well as chemical lake blue vinyl.

Side A:

1. Springfield Discount Cemetery
2. Give A Shit Anyway
3. Breakable
4. Think Straight
5. Keep Me Glued

Side B:

1. Cash Bar
2. Thought You Could
3. Ghost Runner
4. My Skull
5. Way Homer

Release date: March 12th

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